Nielsen’s ONE platform for measuring cross-screen audience consumption may be moving the measurement company’s capabilities forward – but there are some kinds of measurement the company isn’t ready to jettison just yet.

Nielsen launched ONE in January and it is currently in beta.

Molly Poppie, Global Head of Product & Strategy, Nielsen, explains the state of the platform and what comes next in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields.

Nielsen One: Breaking the Age and Gender Stereotypes

Nielsen ONE has transcended traditional age and gender demographics to deliver advanced audiences from a cross-platform measurement perspective.

“We’re expecting that we’re going to see this really being meaningful in the 2024 upfronts due to our coverage and capability to take those advanced audiences and measure them across the digital and linear ecosystem,” Poppie shares.

Currently in beta with selected clients, Nielsen is keenly focusing on client feedback to evolve their product to meet the needs of the industry.

“We’re listening to feedback and making sure that as we continue to evolve our prototype and our product, that it’s really going to meet the needs of the industry and answer all of the questions that the clients have,” Poppie explains.

First-Party Data and Co-Viewing

Poppie sees more companies leveraging first-party data assets.

Another emerging trend, particularly in Connected TV (CTV), is the focus on understanding co-viewing.

According to Poppie, “Being able to understand things like co-viewing has become really important… they can really get the true value for the audience that’s consuming their content, and the advertising that goes with it.”

Nielsen’s Approach to C3 and C7

In a market characterized by transition, Nielsen has decided to hold off on changing the methodology surrounding C3 and C7 metrics.

Poppie explains: “As we’ve been working more and more with our clients, what we’ve been hearing is they’re just not quite ready to pivot away from C3 or C7 at this point.

“We’re going to release those new numbers that show more of the exact commercial measurement perspective, but continue to offer C3 and C7 as to not disrupt the industry and the clients who really still rely on and prefer to use that metric.”

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