SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising are expanding beyond the confines of their own websites to provide access to what are known as offsite advertising inventories. This progression unlocks the ability to reach audiences based on their purchase histories.

“For many advertisers that are more endemic selling in retail, it’s been a great opportunity for them to target the right people and then also understand things like performance,” Sean Muzzy, global president of Interpublic Group’s Kinesso, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams.

“The other opportunity is you’re able to kind of now take the data and then start to deliver ads in different places,” Muzzy said. “That’s really where a lot of evolution is happening.”

Purchase histories provide insights about people’s lifestyles and their willingness to buy a broad range of products. A consumer who buys diapers for a newborn, as one example, may be interested in buying a bigger car. Automotive brands can seek to reach that consumer through onsite and offsite ads.

“This period of time is probably the most exciting period in our industry,” Muzzy said. “Probably the closest example would have been when mobile really started to take off a little over ten years ago. We’re seeing that same kind of enthusiasm, excitement and especially with what’s happening in sort of the streaming space as well as retail media.”

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