In a sign of a once-more buoyant ad-tech M&A market, Cadent says it reached an agreement to purchases ad machine learning company AdTheorent for $343 million.

Combined, the pair will have almost 1,000 advertisers across all main holding groups.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cadent CEO Nick Troiano, explains the rationale for the acquisition.

A Strategy Evolving with the Audience

“(It) is a fantastic company that delivers performance-based advertising solutions to tier two and tier three advertisers,” Troiano says.

”Their business is largely on the display, social and online video side. So it’s a terrific complement to our overall solution where we see audiences migrating from video top of funnel, bottom funnel across platforms on a holistic basis.”

He says Cadent will “cross-sell and up-sell” across the companies’ customer bases this year.

According to the company’s announcement, the deal “will create one of the largest independent omnichannel audience activation platforms for buyers and sellers of advertising” and the pair will serve “both digital and traditional TV markets, powered by advanced machine learning and a unified media and data marketplace”.

Fusion of ML and Performance

Cadent is a company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions for the advertising industry. Their services focus on streamlining the planning, buying, and measurement of media across multiple platforms.

Cadent offers a suite of tools designed to help marketers and advertisers optimize their TV and digital video campaigns.

AdTheorent is a company that uses machine learning and data science to deliver advertising campaigns for marketers.

Its capabilities include predictive and geo targeting, plus solutions for a number of vertical markets.

Defragging the Market

“Our background and history was really started in television,” explains Troiano. “It moved from television to addressable to advanced, and then ultimately to connected TV.

“In August of last year, we sold the business to a new private equity firm called Nova Cap. And part of the thesis around that new investment partner and strategy was to look to see how Cadent would continue to expand in an audience-based world, especially as audiences or consumers continue to fragment across platforms and devices.

“This acquisition is … really intended to reduce the silos of digital versus TV, video versus display.”