MIAMI – Shopping habits changed dramatically during the pandemic as millions of consumers brought groceries online for the time. Delivery service Instacart is a pivotal part of that shift,  and is building on its shopper data with a growing advertising business.

“We’re going beyond just grocery, and that gives us an incredible opportunity to see the different use cases for how consumers shop Instacart,” Suzanne Skop, head of agency partnerships at Instacart, said in this interview with Beet.TV at the Possible event for marketers.

“We have a ton of insight about our consumers and obviously they are a very high intent audience,” Skop said. “Now, we’re giving brands the opportunity to reach that audience through their branded marketing campaigns.”

Instacart provides consumers with delivery from 1,500 retailers that oversee 85,000 store locations. The company has pushed outside of groceries and into verticals by partnering with retailers such as Sephora for beauty products, Best Buy for consumer electronics and CVS Health for drugstore items and Lowe’s for home improvement.

“For so long, brands did not have the opportunity to really understand the impact of their brand campaigns as it relates to the product sales that they drove,” Skop said. “We’re giving them that opportunity.”

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