MIAMI — Fresh from its acquisition of MediaMath, Infillion is aiming to help the ad industry go beyond math alone.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrew Dawson, SVP, Client Partnerships, Infillion, says human-entered creative and interactive engagement provide an antidote to over-exposure.

Beet.TV spoke with Dawson at POSSIBLE 2024.

The Human Lens in Advertising

In an era marked by the meteoric rise of programmatic advertising, the industry faces significant challenges, including frequency, viewability, fraud, and brand safety. Dawson emphasizes the importance of adopting a human-centered approach.

“Brand marketers are starting to elevate their expectations,” he asserts, “thinking as a human, how do I like to consume my content? What ad experiences do I not like? What do I enjoy?” This shift towards valuing consumers’ time, privacy, and attention is reshaping the field.

“Always-on doesn’t mean spray and pray,” Dawson argues. The industry’s focus on potential reach over actualized reach has led to a “tonnage and frequency” approach. He advocates for a more strategic deployment of advertisements, ensuring they are relevant and engaging to the consumer.

The Excitement of MediaMath Integration

Infillion provides a platform that connects advertisers with potential audiences through programmatic advertising, mobile solutions, and connected TV.

The firm’s offerings are designed to enhance the precision of targeted advertising campaigns utilizing data analytics, machine learning, and reporting tools.

With the recent acquisition of MediaMath, Dawson is optimistic about the future, highlighting the opportunity to “build something with and for our client partners where you don’t have to have that trade-off.”

The integration promises to marry creative with scalable interactive formats.

“Interactive formats and consumer-centric placements at scale,” Dawson explains, “create experiences that are additive for consumers where they actually enjoy that brand experience versus just tonnage and frequency.”

Looking ahead, Dawson identifies three emerging trends:

  • growing investment in women’s sports.
  • the continued rise of CTV.
  • a shift in upfronts focus from ratings to brand outcomes and interactive formats.

“Within our in-stadium product, we’ve been really focused on how do we build custom and flexible packages for our clients,” Dawson says, reflecting on the potential to leverage digital video, experiential activations, and innovative ad formats to engage audiences.

For CTV, “it’s not over yet,” Dawson notes. He challenges the idea that CTV is a linear medium, advocating for a more nuanced approach that leverages its interactive and on-demand nature.

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