In an industry where the future is often clouded with uncertainty, the glow of optimism shines through the words of Christian Muche, CEO & Co-Founder of Beyond Ordinary Events, organizer of POSSIBLE.

After all, in Miami, where the marketing conference was held April 15 to 17, the sun shines brightly this time of year.

2024 marks a significant uptick in excitement and participation for the event, which Muche attributes to a combination of a creative program and an energized community eager to propel the industry forward.

A Surge in Engagement and Opportunities

“The atmosphere, the vibe, the positiveness is extremely high this year,” beams Muche. He sees POSSIBLE as not just an event but a catalyst for industry-wide optimism.

With a 55% increase in partners and a leap from 2,400 to 3,500 attendees, POSSIBLE has been gaining in influence.

“We have 125 partners, sponsors, and exhibitors… and this is what we were hoping for, but not really expected,” Muche shares. “Every single session, all the spaces are filled with people,” he adds.

A Global Vision for the Future

The ambition behind POSSIBLE extends beyond the U.S. borders, aiming for global recognition.

“Maybe not just in the U.S. in the future, but also on a global scale,” Muche envisions.

The groundwork laid by the team’s passion, the event’s soaring numbers, and the strategic partnerships hint at a future where POSSIBLE becomes a beacon for the global media and advertising community.

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