He already showed he can start a marketing technology company that goes large. Can he do it again?

David J. Moore, who sold his 24/7 RealMedia to WPP in 2007 and remained in the agency group in several roles, now has a new gig – and he says it combines the best interests of consumers and advertisers alike.

It’s called BritePool, an upcoming platform that will both alert users to uses of their data for advertising and will aim to give advertisers better tools to compete with big tech companies.

Moore is the new CEO of the company, which was spun out of Sonobi, and is also funded by MediaMath. BritePool has rebadged Sonobi’s Universal ID as BritePool ID, has taken 10 of its engineers and has created a “steering committee” of 17 members to guide development. Launch is slated for the summer.

“We are launching a consumer communications platform in July, where we will offer consumers the ability to download a permission-based platform that will alert them of all the advertising that’s coming their way,’ says Moore in this video interview with Beet.TV

“The new CCPA law dictates that every time a consumer’s data is being used that they have to be alerted, and give them the opportunity to opt out. Our platform will allow that to happen.

“At the same time, we’re working to create an environment where cookies are no longer used for targeting advertising. And when you think about it, the reason that Google and Facebook and Amazon are so strong is because they don’t use cookies.

“They use identity. And what we want to do is level the playing field outside the walled gardens, so that everybody can use a different mechanism for targeting advertising other than cookies, actually using identities.”

BritePool will be far from the only entity addressing the emerging issue of identity.

As digital consumption has grown from just computers, which tracked people using cookies, to multiple devices, marketers are challenged to understand the holistic profile of a single user.

Outfits like LivRamp and 4INFO already address that problem, knitting together pieces of behavior data in to a holistic profile.

Moore concedes that BritePool will offer some similar features.

“But the real differentiator is the ability to secure opt-in from consumers, and we intend to give a variety of incentives, use a variety of different formats and advertising techniques to get consumers to opt in to BritePool, and to get incentives on a regular basis as a result of that,” he says.

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