SANTA MONICA — Sometimes, a technology’s purported solution winds up creating more problems.

Such is the case in the connected TV sector, where the new delivery, targeting and measurement super-powers on offer to advertisers have also ended up creating difficulties just accessing those opportunities.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Erin Madorsky, Chief Strategy Officer, US, MiQ, explains her take on how to solve for the problems created by solutions.

Origin of the wall

For the true nature of that problem, go back to the start.

MiQ’s Madorsky says the “origin story of programmatic” advertising software was “you could tap into one DSP or one platform to meet all of your automation objectives”. But, Madorsky says, it hasn’t necessarily come to pass.

“Just as supply and data has become increasingly walled off, it is no longer possible to achieve what you would want in terms of reach in the streaming space with one platform,” she says.

“If you were all leveraged in DB 360 – which you would obviously need to be to have access to YouTube – now Netflix comes onto the scene … they’re using the Xandr platform, you would not be able to tap into or access that.”


The response to that problem seems to call for interconnectivity.

“That’s where we come into play,” says MiQ’s Madorsky. “We try to work with all the platforms so we can maximise our streaming reach.

“Our approach to the TV marketplace is to be agnostic with regards to the data providers, the technology partners, the supply, and the measurement providers that we’ll work with.”

MiQ offers programmatic campaign solutions including data analytics, creative build and trading insights, plus analytics and tech solutions.

Its customers include Subway, for which it says it increased incremental reach by 11.5% by identifying households exposed to the brand’s linear TV ad, leading to it being able to deliver a CTV ad to non-exposed households.

“There’s tens, if not hundreds, of routes to a particular piece of content,” Madorsky adds

“So what we do to help TV buyers is just to have line-of-sight into all those different paths, make sure we can help them build the greatest level of reach that they’re looking for in the most efficient path.”

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