SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Major media companies are working to offer marketers a way to simplify how they buy advertising among various distribution channels, especially as viewers migrate from traditional linear television to streaming platforms.

“They’re able to now bundle their premium assets — whether that’s news, could be sports, could be entertainment — into more of a one-stop shop deal opportunity for a buyer to activate against,” Mike Laband, senior vice president of programmatic platforms at Magnite, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

Disney Hulu XP, Paramount’s EyeQ and One Fox are a handful of the examples of cross-platform ad services among major U.S. media companies. As they consolidate their advertising inventories, it’s less likely that media buyers will be offered the same ad placements among various channels.

“Some of these major content owners are starting to pull back a little more on these various different carriage agreements and also the different partners they work with,” Laband said, “and it’s helping alleviate some of the confusion on the buy side.”

Going into this year’s upfront sales season, Laband expects to see more growth in programmatic deals in private marketplaces (PMPs) that let media owners offer different kinds of advertising packages to buyers. He said he doesn’t expect the growth in automated ad sales to replace the upfront market, which helps media companies to determine how much they can invest in programming.

“We’re seeing momentum on the biddable channel as well — to clarify, it’s not the open marketplace. We’re talking about one-to-one deals here, private marketplaces that allow for a publisher to say, I have these various different types of content or geographies, demo,” Laband said. “I can give that information to a buyer in real time to allow them to evaluate the impression opportunity, and as a result, we’ve seen some really good yield on the publisher side.”

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