SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Connected television advertising doesn’t use tracking cookies to help marketers retarget consumers as they switch among apps to watch streamed programming. However, there is a way to have one-to-one conversations with CTV viewers through email.

“With identity and with ID graphs and those things coming along, we are able to connect at a household level all the emails with the CTV devices at those households,” Hamid Qayyum, chief commercial officer at data-driven marketing agency Stirista, said in this interview with correspondent Tameka Kee at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

“When an impression is delivered, we can retarget with a call to action with an email,” Qayyum said. “We have that call to action with a CTV ad, and it’s done in milliseconds, so it’s near real time.”

In addition to supporting direct responses from consumers, email can also provide attribution information to help marketers understand which ads and CTV publishers performed best.

“If you know who you’re sending an ad to, you can control the frequency of the amount of ads that are sent, then you can measure it,” Qayyum said. “Tying all that together really helps the brands and agencies come up with a pure return on ad spend.”

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