SANTA MONICA — As connected TV advertising matures and takes shape, which kinds of brands stand to win – large or small?

Perhaps the answer is “both”.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mediaocean chief development officer Ramsey McGrory explains how small companies will get a leg-up – and why that will drive continued spending by bigger rivals.

Small-town big deal

McGrory says the story of the digitization of media is a story of giving smaller, local companies better tools with which to access targeted audiences.

“Historically, small advertisers haven’t been able to compete with Fortune 1000 advertisers when it comes to television advertising,” McGrory says.

“But marketplaces like Facebook, Google and Amazon have millions and millions of advertisers, and there’s video opportunity there.

“More recently, you’ve seen retail media companies and even the likes of Hulu creating doors in which small advertisers can come in spending $500, $1,000, $5,000.”

For more than 50 years, Mediaocean, formerly known as Donavan Data Systems, has been providing software solutions across media channels for advertisers and sellers, powering ad management, inventory and billing.

About $200 billion in annualized media spending goes through its platform, or about a third of the global total.

Ongoing upfronts

The influx of smaller companies will actually have a bearing on dynamics at the top-table, McGrory suggests.

“There’s limited supply of high-quality video content, whether it’s linear or CTV,” he says. “And these initiatives are actually creating more competition in that space.

“Which is why I think, for years to come, in linear and in CTV, we’ll continue to have upfronts where a significant portion of that inventory will be allocated to Fortune 1000 (companies)

“They want predictability in their business, and they’re willing to make hard commitments to the linear and digital sellers in exchange for that.”

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