Inside Ad Supply Path Optimization, With MiQ’s Lara Koenig

At this point in the evolution of digital advertising, there is an increasing focus on supply path optimization (SPO), as companies aim to maximize their ad efficiency. But, beneath the acronym, how does SPO actually work, and how does it translate to connected TV advertising? Lara Koenig, Global Head of Product, MiQ, says there are […]


Horizon’s Campanelli: Why Uncertainty Defines This Year’s Upfront

The TV upfront buying mechanism has already endured a pandemic and a recession in the past few years. Now, throw in inflation, economic figures that run the gamut, and a writers strike, and you’re left with a market that nobody has ever seen before, let alone predict. “The key word is uncertainty,” said Dave Campanelli, […]


Programmatic TV Demands An Agnostic Approach: MiQ’s Madorsky

SANTA MONICA — Sometimes, a technology’s purported solution winds up creating more problems. Such is the case in the connected TV sector, where the new delivery, targeting and measurement super-powers on offer to advertisers have also ended up creating difficulties just accessing those opportunities. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Erin Madorsky, Chief Strategy Officer, […]


Too Much Targeting? How Programmatic Works On TV: MiQ’s Rondon

SANTA MONICA — Little by little, as television has got connected to the internet, it has also been infused with some of the capabilities digital advertisers have enjoyed for years. But are those capabilities really appropriate for the decades-old, largely-passive medium? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Oscar Rondon, SVP of partnerships, MiQ, explains how […]


From Programmatic To Proliferation: MiQ’s Chughtai Aims To Bust Complexity

For ad buyers, there are more media services than ever through which to reach audiences. As much as that sounds like an opportunity, it also represents a big challenge. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV, MiQ, explains why it is time to “bust” complexity. From efficiency to overwhelm […]


Ad Buyers Should Set Safety Criteria: MiQ’s Hundal

LONDON — Advertisers tempted to dodge advertising in coronavirus news during the pandemic should use technology to precisely spec-out which kinds of content they are comfortable with. That’s the view of a specialist programmatic ad adviser to the advertising community. Early in the pandemic, it became clear that a large number of advertisers were using […]