SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Media companies and advertisers are gaining more tools to measure not only their reach among audiences, but also the effect they on consumer behavior. Those metrics include a look at business outcomes and other kinds of response.

“The TV measurement that we can bring about today is just light years ahead of where we were just two years ago,” Philip Inghelbrecht, cofounder and chief executive of measurement company Tatari, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica. “We provide next-day TV measurement. We will help brands understand what’s incremental versus view-through.”

With improvements in measurement, advertisers are able to compare their television campaigns to those on digital platforms such as internet and social media.

“They can approach TV advertising with what I would call ‘digital expectations,’” Inghelbrecht said. “They can expect a TV measurement which is real-time or near real-time. They can expect TV measurement that they can compare to their digital campaigns.”

As media companies such as Netflix and Disney expand the available inventory of streaming advertising, marketers are gaining another pathway to reaching consumers who are spending less time with traditional linear television.

“For brands, it really begs the question, well, how important are those commitments that I make through upfronts today, and to what extent can I become more agile and can I do that in-house?” Inghelbrecht said. “They look at the kind of economic environment and what’s going on and they see a self-serve, in-house tool like Tatari and they make that profound change.”

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