SANTA MONICA, Calif. – First-party data that consumers provide directly to marketers have become more valuable as privacy regulations and other legal liabilities limit how companies can share data. Amid these constraints, Blockgraph is working to help advertisers harness their first-party data for advanced advertising.

“The basis of Blockgraph is around the ability for companies who are heavy in first-party data to be able to utilize the Blockgraph software and work with other companies who are also heavy in first-party data,” Aleck Schleider, chief revenue officer at Blockgraph, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

Blockgraph Helps Ampersand Power IPG’s Multi-Screen Buys

Blockgraph is a joint venture among Comcast, Paramount and Charter. In October, Blockgraph and Ampersand, which is owned by Charter, Comcast and Cox Communications, formed a partnership with data company Acxiom to power multiscreen ad campaigns on television.

“The basis of what Blockgraph is developing — not only for activation, but for measurement — is really to remove a lot of the fragmentation that exists in the industry,” Schleider said. “Blockgraph has built the use cases, the product functions for the MVPDs to work across the likes of the programmers and the agencies and the measurement companies to really tear down that world of fragmentation.”

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