For ad buyers, there are more media services than ever through which to reach audiences.

As much as that sounds like an opportunity, it also represents a big challenge.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV, MiQ, explains why it is time to “bust” complexity.

From efficiency to overwhelm

“You’ve gone from the promise of programmatic … busting complexity and kind of making things more uniform across different experiences,” Chughtai says.

“You’ve turned into a spot where the average campaign needs to run anywhere between three technology platforms, three DSPs, all the way up to seven or eight DSPs to get a full view of your customer.

“That type of complexity is just more and more difficult for agencies and brands to operate in.”

Three blockers

Chughtai sees three main areas of over-complexity:

  1. Planning complexity: “How do you get an agnostic view about kind of what your audience is doing across all the different ecosystems that are out there in CTV today?”
  2. Execution: “It’s much easier for (traders) to run campaign when it’s targeted towards one platform or one DSP. As soon as you get to three, four, five DSPs, your traders are almost doing more work in terms of just monitoring and setup then they’re doing what you pay them for.”
  3. Measurement: “Just within the CTV space, marketers are not running CTV in a silo – it’s CTV, linear, but it’s also online video and social video.”

Digital dialog

Chughtai’s MiQ is one of the companies aiming to rationalize all that for ad buyers.

It aims to provide a simple-to-navigate interface for many of those tasks.

Chughtai thinks the industry needs to foster further dialog about rationalizing the buying experience.

He was speaking ahead of Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2022, where he will be speaking in November.

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