In advertising, “attribution” technology is promising is the holy grail – the ability to track a consumer outcome (like spending or sign-up) and correlate it back to an ad exposure.

The trouble with holy grails is, once you get a taste of what’s on offer, you just want more.

Namely, attribution technology today is great, but it’s as piecemeal and effective as the consumer data available.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Devon DeBlasio, Neustar product marketing director, says more data is needed.

“It’s not just about their name, their address, their phone number, their email, or even their cookie or their mobile ad ID,” he says. “It’s the combination of elements that tell a story over time that helps the brand pinpoint and understand what that consumer’s interest and needs are.”

Neustar is an ad-tech company offering data management platform, customer data intelligence, marketing analytics, activation, compliance solutions and fraud detection.

So it is now trying to plug two of the big data gaps limiting the application of this technology in multitouch attribution modelling and marketing mix modelling.


“There’s an opportunity to include television viewership information in the overall media mix and actually utilize TV (viewing behavior) against things like search, display, mobile data to essentially provide a more holistic view of how marketing is performing across the customer journey,” DeBlasio says.

Neustar is taking TV viewing data from providers like TiVo, Comcast and NCC Media to apply it for marketing mix modeling as well as multitouch attribution.

Walled gardens

“A very high percentage of media – specifically on digital – is being spent across Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, and (buyers) had to rely specifically on these vendors or these publishers to provide that data back to them.

“But they want to see the media mix as a whole, (because consumers) are not just spending our time only on Facebook and the app – we’re also walking around shopping in stores, visiting other websites, viewing different types of television channels.”

So Neustar has begun working with the big platforms, taking audience data in a way that can be correlated with other touchpoints.

“For us working with the likes of Facebook and Amazon and Pinterest, it allows us to help the ecosystem better create transparency for advertisers and hopefully at the end of the day helps us better understand the identity path of the customer journey across every single touch point.”