SAN JUAN, PR – Social-video app TikTok in the past six years since its launch has emerged as one of most popular media platforms, especially among Gen Z consumers. The app does face the possibility of being banned in the United States because of national security concerns. In the meantime, it seeks to capture people’s attention with viral videos while also helping brands to participate in that engagement.

“We try to help consumers discover the content that’s right for them and help them to find new experiences,” Jorge Ruiz, global head of marketing science at social-video app TikTok, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan. We “see that consumers do enjoy not just the content they’re discovering, but how they’re discovering new things.”

With is massive trove of user-generated content, TikTok is often associated with the idea of authenticity. Mobile users can expect to see rawer videos that aren’t necessarily photoshopped to perfection as on other social-media platforms like Instagram.

“Authenticity, storytelling and being able to actually have new immersive experiences,” Ruiz said. “It’s great that anybody can be a creator. Anybody can really have amazing content. It’s about how they’re able to have community and they’re able to break through and also how brands can participate.”

TikTok has a variety of tools to help marketers place ads in a context where consumers are most receptive to viewing them. Ruiz also advises advertisers to experiment with strategies that drive outcomes.

“Adjacency, it works, but using all of TikTok together, it can be just as powerful,” he said. “What’s important is going through that test-and-learn journey with clients to understand how to get started, how to test and learn your way into driving performance, and then how to grow and scale with TikTok.”

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