Neustar A ‘Nice Fit’ At $3.1bn: TransUnion’s Spiegel On Building Out Identity Capabilities

CHICAGO – For a company that is well versed in tracking spending, TransUnion certainly knows how to finance an acquisition. Its planned acquisition of ad identity resolution company Neustar for $3.1 billion, announced Tuesday, would be its fourth in the space in the last couple of years. In this video interview with Beet.TV, TransUnion’s EVP […]


Neustar Plugs Attribution Gaps With TV & Walled Gardens: DeBlasio

In advertising, “attribution” technology is promising is the holy grail – the ability to track a consumer outcome (like spending or sign-up) and correlate it back to an ad exposure. The trouble with holy grails is, once you get a taste of what’s on offer, you just want more. Namely, attribution technology today is great, […]


With OTT At ‘Critical Mass,’ Ad Experiences Take Precedence: Omnicom’s Candela

Lots of OTT television choices means a boon for consumers, but it also means programmers must balance ad loads better. “That’s certainly a place we have to keep an eye on with OTT,” says Onmicom Media Group’s Sal Candela. “A lot of viewers flocked to OTT very early on from the fact that it gave […]


Neustar’s Slyter Considers Data Sets For Linear TV Play

LAS VEGAS — The idea of using advanced data to target TV ads environments is still new and requires education. That’s the view of one ad-tech vendor exec whose company is currently considering which data sets to opt for. Asked to snapshot the current lay of the land in targeting ads for connected TV boxes, Neustar […]


Neustar’s “172 Segments” Give Audiences To Advertisers

VIEQUES, PR — It is fair to say Neustar sees value in the future of television – the data and marketing services firm is currently in the process of being acquired by a private equity outfit for $2.9bn. That deal was announced on December 14, but the company expects the conclusion of its sale to Golden Gate Capital by the […]


Publishers Should Make Ad Targeting Clear To Users: Neustar’s Burr

HOLLYWOOD, Fl — It just wangled a big fine out of TV maker Vizio for collecting millions of viewers’ viewing histories without consent. Now the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to ensure all consumers know plenty more about how their data is being used. The FTC just published a staff report on how publishers track and […]


Universal ID Doesn’t Stop At Marketing: Neustar’s Achanta

HOLLYWOOD — Advertisers are grappling to develop single profiles that can read and understand their audiences across multiple devices and in a diverse range of contexts. But the same technology has application outside of just marketing. That is according to an executive from one vendor helping brands to develop just such a “universal ID”. “(Brands) have a great story […]


Three Trends In Addressable’s 2×2 Roadmap, Acxiom’s Schmitt Sees

MIAMI — Now around 50 million US homes could be at the end of so-called “addressable” TV, giving advertisers a wider canvas on which to paint household-targeted TV ads. What’s next? Eric Schmitt has identified three big changes occurring amid the revolution. The VP of TV at marketing data company Acxiom, in this panel interview with Beet.TV, offers up the […]


Addressable TV May Hit 60% Of US in 2017: Neustar’s Dethero

MIAMI — The ability to target individual households with a medium that is traditionally more used to shouting at mass audiences is here and now. But it’s not universal – and it’s not yet living up to some of the wilder dreams of ad industry executives. But “addressable TV” is about to go large, and it’s time to […]


Marginal Return On Ad Spend ‘New Beast’ For CMO’s, Says Neustar’s Nichols

ORLANDO, Florida – Chief Marketing Officers’ biggest mandate is being able to figure out “Where should my next dollar go,” says Neustar’s Wes Nichols. In other words, how to maximize return on marginal investment. “If I have an extra million dollars, do I put it into marketing or trade funds or into new production innovation?” […]


Scale Is Key To Addressable TV: Neustar’s Dethero

Around the world, TVs are getting connected to the internet. And that means big new possibilities for the ways in which advertisers can reach viewers. For one, internet targeting capabilities support the delivery of individual ads tailored to specific households. It’s a theory that was a long time coming, but now the reality is hitting. […]


Addressable TV ‘Perfect Entry Point’ To Media Mix Modeling: Experian’s Stocki

Since unveiling its Audience Engine platform about five months ago, Experian Marketing Services has created more than 1,200 audiences for addressable television campaigns. While addressable TV is limited in scale, the data involved are being used to help inform national campaigns. “It’s always going to be one part of the media mix. But the beauty […]


Europe Lags US By Three Years On Mar-Tech: Neustar’s Van der Hoeven

SEVILLE — It is a generalization to say, but the usual order of technology adoption goes: US, Europe, Asia-Pacific. In marketing-technology, Europe is certainly lagging the States, according to one analytics supplier. “Compared to US, Europe is one, two, maybe three years behind,” according to Lucien van der Hoeven, the EMEA MD of MarketShare, acquired by […]