Most of the $240 billion marketplace for TV advertising will be sold programatically and most of it will sold via technology platforms like, says Amir Ashkenazi, founder and CEO of, in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with him late this afternoon in the company’s New York offices.

Earlier today, AOL announced it had purchased the West Coast-based company for $405 million.

Also in the interview he explains why his company chose a sale versus an IPO. He says that operations will remain separate from AOL.

A Billion Dollar Entrepreneur with Advice

In 2005, Ashkenazi sold to eBay for $620 million. In this video interview, he shares his thoughts on industry disruption and business opportunities.

Our 2007 Interview with Amir

I had the opportunity interview Amir shortly after launched in 2007. You can find that interview here. Very exciting to see the progress over the years and especially today’s huge milestone. Congratulations to Amir and the whole crew. Andy