MasterCard: From Story Teller To Story Maker, Says Global Media Chief Jankowski

CANNES – Data-driven advertising messaging has helped MasterCard advance from story teller to story maker, a “super exciting” process and ongoing journey for the industry says Ben Jankowski, Group Head of Global Media for the payment solutions provider. Jankowski welcomes the discussion at the Cannes Lions of the evolving meld of creativity and technology. “To […]


Industry Should Spend More Time Mapping The Messaging Ecosystem, Says Bough Of Mondelez

CANNES – There’s been lots of meaningful talk about the creative uses of data at the Cannes Lions gathering. But the media executive who represents Oreos and other venerable consumer staples says the “absent conversation” should have been about reaching consumers via digital messaging apps and platforms. To B. Bonin Bough, Chief Media & Commerce […]


Reduced Ad Load, Better Targeting Keys To Addressable TV: Turner’s Shimmel

Saying that Turner Broadcasting is “quite bullish” on addressable television advertising, Chief Research Officer Howard Shimmel cites the potential for better audience targeting and reducing commercial loads. “One of the key things about the future is consumers don’t dislike advertising,” Shimmel says in an interview with Beet.TV. “What they dislike is bad ads, seeing too […]


GroupM Well Beyond Addressable TV Testing: Modi Media’s Power

If your allergies are acting up, you just might see a television ad for the appropriate remedy, courtesy of Modi Media. Having moved well beyond the testing stage of addressable TV, Modi is embracing emerging datasets that TV providers have integrated with ever more granular third-party insights in the financial services and pharmaceuticals categories, among […]


“Addressable TV Is Clearly the Future,” Magna Global David Cohen

While addressable television advertising has added complexity to a heretofore “frictionless” environment, the Magna Global media unit of IPG believes it’s worth the incremental costs. “Addressable television is clearly the future,” David Cohen, President of Magna Global North America, says in an interview with Beet.TV. Many people on the media-buying side typically cite such consumer […]


Videology Sees ‘Moneyball’ Comparison In Unified Video, Television Audiences

When people begin to equate digital video and television targeting to a hit Hollywood movie and things like “sabermetrics,” we know that things have changed in the TV world. To Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of Videology, the software provider for converged TV and video advertising, being able to integrate Nielsen data with information about […]


MediaLink: Brands See Addressable TV As Worthwhile But Seek Its Position in Planning

While brand marketers are thinking about addressable television advertising in a variety of ways, one thing is consistent: the desire to measure an increase in return on investment for their TV spending. “There has to be some ability for them to measure back the value of that TV investment” via media mix modeling or other […]


Initiative’s Magel: Goodbye Age/Sex Demos, Hello Passion And Partners

Having long said goodbye to digital and television media buys based purely on age/sex demographics, the more pertinent parameters are now passion and partnerships. So says the president of U.S. operations for Initiative, the media strategy and investment unit of Interpublic Group. “I don’t think we’ve made a decision about linear TV buying or digital buying […]


Upfronts Should Be More Than A Once Yearly Ritual, Dentsu Aegis’ Mike Law

Dentsu Aegis Network sees the annual television Upfront rituals as less a once-yearly negotiating stint with media sellers than an ongoing conversation about how to unlock more consumer targeting data and find the proper balance between TV and digital video. Like other media buyers, the company still “lays a base” with TV buys during the […]


Carat’s Doug Ray: Progress On Currency Brings Multichannel Confidence

In what he sees as an “unprecedented” television UpFront negotiating season this year, the U.S. CEO of media agency Carat sees more TV budgets migrating to venues like online video and believes his company will work with fewer providers to extract the most value in the marketplace. Doug Ray says the current UpFront buzz centers on […]


OMD’s TV Chief Geraci: Addressable will Come with Scale

Reflecting on recent Upfront presentations by media companies to advertisers and their agencies, television advertising veteran Chris Geraci sees more price parity between TV and online video while acknowledging that premium pricing is warranted in certain instances. Geraci, who is President of National Video Investment at the OMD unit of Omnicom, cites as memorable Upfront […]


AT&T Sees Addressable Audiences As Coveted And Scarce

The word “scarcity” as applied to commercials within television programming typically has pertained to programs or hit series. But with addressable TV ads, “the scarcity comes around an attribute,” meaning the ability to target coveted audiences, according to Jason Brown, VP of National Ad Sales at AT&T AdWorks. “In certain categories like automotive, where all […]


Future Of TV Relies On Brands Harnessing First-Party Data: PHD’s Atkinson

Brands have never had more scale to reach targeted television viewers, but the future rests in large part in harnessing their own first-party data and being able to better correlate offline behavior with viewing. In the meantime, scale can be a limiting factor as it relates to the cost of more precisely targeted TV ads […]


Horizon Media: Addressable Is ‘Powerful Complement’ To Traditional TV

Calling addressable television advertising “an incredibly valuable and powerful complement” to traditional TV ads, the world’s largest independent media agency believes it’s time to stop thinking about the medium as digital versus linear. “I don’t think the digital versus linear discussion is even valid anymore because there’s plenty of ways to deliver live TV through […]


GE Shuns GRP Buys, Likes To Purchase Behavior

Having shifted away from television advertising buys based solely on gross ratings points, it is been a few years since General Electric made any buys during the annual Upfront negotiating season. “We’ve changed our strategy quite a bit in terms of taking packages kind of off the shelf,” Alexa Christon, Head of Media Innovation at […]


‘Beyond Critical Mass’ On The Horizon For Addressable TV: Cadreon’s Matt Bayer

If the acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications becomes reality, the resulting entity’s customer base—when added to that of Cablevision, DirecTV and DISH Network—will represent “beyond critical mass” for addressable television advertising, according to a top programmatic ad executive. Until then, supply and demand realities surrounding addressable ad inventory will impact its continued […]


MillerCoors Studies Addressable TV Ads, Seeks Sales Linkage

CHICAGO – Being able to target ads to television households based on their cultures and languages could be a boon to MillerCoors, but only if there’s a direct linkage to sales from addressable advertising and the costs of customizing creative messages is not prohibitive. The beer marketer is considering the best strategic approach to addressable […]


Bank Of America Seeks More Scale, Granularity From Addressable TV

Having successfully tested addressable television advertising for its MerrillEdge investment platform, like other marketers Bank of America longs for greater scale and more variability in being able to serve the most appropriate creative messaging. One challenge for BOA—which offers nine core products—is that the current footprint of addressable TV households is small. MerrillEdge is one example. “We were […]


ConAgra On Addressable TV: Driven By People, Not Media

NAPERVILLE, IL – Having used addressable television advertising for almost three years to better target certain consumers, ConAgra has established deeper relationships with addressable households because they are driven by people, not media. According to Fernando Arriola, the consumer packaged-goods marketer’s VP of Marketing, who Beet.TV interviewed at the company’s headquarters, addressable TV is a […]


AT&T Uses Humor To Target TV Ad Waste, Promote Addressable Offering

The leader in addressable television advertising, with some 13 million households, AT&T is using a humorous commercial during the TV Upfront negotiating season to sell the power of addressable while speaking to concerns about its cost and scale. The commercial, “Stop Showing the Right Product to the Wrong Customer,” offers up three vignettes: a grownup […]