As privacy regulations become more restrictive in many regions, marketers are looking for ways to use consumer data to improve the effectiveness of their advertising while also protecting people’s privacy. Data clean rooms are one way to match their customer data with audience data without intermingling them.

“We are a big believer in clean rooms, as we feel that’s the next step of advanced TV advertising,” Kemal Bokhari, head of data, measurement and analytics at satellite TV company DISH Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV correspondent Tameka Kee.

“A lot of brands specifically have asked for their data scientists to get access to household-level data, but previously the only way to do that would be through contractual legal agreements,” Bokhari said.

Data clean rooms offer privacy protections that weren’t available before.

“There was no technology that would avoid them from exporting any household-level data, but with clean rooms, we are now able to not only put in the contractual parameters but also the technical,” Bokhari said. “Even if somebody wants to go rogue, they are not able to take any of the data that I do not allow them to take out of this safe environment.”

DISH Media has used its data clean room abilities to help a pet-food brand and a pharmaceutical brand to better measure the return on investment (ROI) on their media spending. Bokhari said DISH Media started with LiveRamp’s Data Hub platform, and recently signed an agreement with Habu, a user interface on top of Snowflake’s platform.

“The more publishers talk about this, the more publishers that lean in, I think it will be the next wave of the future for advanced TV advertising,” Bokhari said. “Addressable TV is about 10 years old and now to take addressable TV to the next level, we’ve got to do the clean rooms to continuously enhance the value of TV for brands.”

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