Clean Rooms Will Power Collaborative TV Ad Reporting: DISH Media’s Bokhari

LAS VEGAS — Respective privacy imperatives is just a first-order effect of the new category of “clean room” data technology. Early adopters of the software are now starting to imagine the downstream transformations which the emerging tech can enable. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement & Analytics, DISH Media, […]


Addressable TV Ad Spending Is Poised to Grow in 2023: DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari

LAS VEGAS – The ability to show different advertising to different households during the same shows on national television this year will become more available to brands. Measurement and attribution are necessary parts of this growth. “A lot more measurement companies are coming out asking for data, exposure data to be shared so that they […]


Data Clean Rooms Support Better TV Audience Targeting: DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari

As privacy regulations become more restrictive in many regions, marketers are looking for ways to use consumer data to improve the effectiveness of their advertising while also protecting people’s privacy. Data clean rooms are one way to match their customer data with audience data without intermingling them. “We are a big believer in clean rooms, […]


Identity Graphs Will Improve Ads: DISH’s Bokhari

As traditional ad tracking mechanisms like cookies diminish, the industry is scrambling to reinstate a viable method of identifying audiences. Amongst the leading contenders are “identity graphs”, software-driven collections of data that aggregate a number of signals about users into an inferred profile. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kemal Bokhari, General Manager, Data and […]