Jon Watts, the London-based media consultant, has announced a big change in his professional life:  He is transitioning out of his full-time position at MTM, the research and strategy consulting firm he co-founded  in London 10 years ago, to become the firm’s Senior Advisor.

He has moved to New York and will continue to advise MTM clients, and has joined Beet.TV as Director of Strategy and Editorial.

I sat down with him last week to talk about his big move, why he’s joining Beet.TV and his views on this disruptive period for the television industry.

Beet’s relationship with Jon goes back five years when help curate and moderate a program at Sky’s London office.  Since then, we have partnered on several projects including Cannes Lions,  Future of TV Ads/London, CES coverage and most recently the 2020 Beet Retreat in San Juan, where he helped to curate the programming. We have grown to become fast friend and colleagues.

I am incredibly excited about Jon’s joining me and the Beet.TV team.  He brings deep domain expertise and insight into what’s happening and what’s going to happen next. He will help power deeper editorial coverage and  expand the scope of our events.  We will also be expanding the range of services we offer to the industry: more news on this in the near future.