MIAMI – Millions of households have connected their televisions directly to the internet, opening up a digital avenue more interactions between brands and audiences. Digital advertising platform KERV Interactive is working with media companies and retailers to create shoppable television that’s convenient for viewers.

Among its recent efforts, KERV has collaborated with NBCUniversal and Walmart to offer shoppable moments in the Bravo reality show “Below Deck.” KERV’s technology identifies what appears on-screen, helping to enrich the available information about televised content.

“As the publishers are creating all this new supply, we want to work with them to figure out how to actually organize the foundational metadata,” Marika Roque, chief innovation officer at KERV Interactive, said in this interview at the Possible event.

Media companies can boost the value of their advertising inventory with commercials that reach the right audiences more precisely.

“CPMs don’t have to be about reach anymore,” Roque said. “They can get more targeted. They can get more valuable. We can add contextual value to the ad spots that already exist.”