MIAMI – Artificial intelligence has become more well known among consumers who use the technology in popular text-generation apps such as ChatGPT and in internet searches. In the realm of advertising, AI applications are found throughout the media supply chain.

“It’s really AI throughout the workflow from media planning, media optimization and creative,” Michelle Weiskittel, head of media, creative and operations at Albertsons Media Collective, said in this interview at the Possible conference.

AI allows advertising to become more customized with personalized creative content based on the characteristics of its intended audience. The technology also helps to quickly sort through vast amounts of data to provide cohesive insights.

“AI really allows us to think about content placement and then the optimization of all of those data sources together,” Weiskittel said.

Advertisers can customize their ad content at scale to reach millions of households that have connected their televisions to the internet.

“In the CTV environment in particular, we’re really excited to think about the expansion of use of CTV,” Weiskittel said. “It’s an important and growing format where customers are engaging, and the power of AI in those use cases is going to help deliver that at scale for Albertsons. Not to mention programmatic as a whole, and some of the evolution of programmatic in the CTV space.”

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