MIAMI — In the evolving digital landscape, where addressability and the very nature of identifiers are shifting, the call for effective interoperability has never been louder.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Julie Clark, SVP of Media & Entertainment at TransUnion, underscores the urgency of this development.

“Interoperability is essential to be able to make the move between audiences, analytics, and activation,” Clark says.

A Seamless Identity Spine Fuels the Advertising Ecosystem

“Identity” is increasingly seen as the key to unlocking targetability for TV advertising.

TransUnion’s partnership with MRI exemplifies the potential of interoperability in the advertising domain. Clark says: “We leverage that identity spine in combination with MRI’s amazing data to enhance it and make it available for activation through both MRI and through the TruAudience data marketplace.”

“Addressability is changing, identifiers are changing, and the signals that we use,” she asserts.

For Clark, the focus now is on leveraging current use cases to build a framework that can evolve into cloud-based and clean room activation, simplifying a complex space.

“The marketplace is ready for a change within the identity space and activation,” Clark claims, highlighting the need for a harmonious translation of data and strategies across the buy side, sell side, measurement, data partners, and platforms.

Defining the Multi-Keyed Identity Spine

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that provides data and analytics to businesses and consumers. In the media and marketing space, it offers a suite of solutions that help advertisers and agencies understand consumer behavior and optimize their advertising strategies.

Their products leverage comprehensive data sets to enhance targeting, measure campaign effectiveness, and improve customer engagement.

When asked about the identity spine, Clark is clear about its multifaceted nature. “Identity is about multi-keyed identity. It’s not one single identifier, but it’s how do we translate within a world that it might be device-based, it might be IP based or household,” she explains.

“We hear all the time that our graph is the most precise,” Clark states.

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