Teads is taking its attention optimization capabilities in digital advertising and expanding them to the world of connected TV.

The company is also making attention measurement more actionable for planning, optimizing and managing campaigns.

“We made a commitment at the end of that presentation to two things,” says Neala Brown, SVP of Strategy & Insights at Teads, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein.

CTV attention optimization

Last year, Teads committed to taking learnings from digital advertising and applying them to CTV, as well as to turn attention measurement into something actionable.

Now, Teads is announcing two betas. The first, in collaboration with TVision, will shift CTV attention measurement from post-campaign reporting to in-flight optimization.

“We have done some studies where we’ve really seen that a focus in CTV on high attention media can really improve results,” Brown says. “We actually had a campaign that was below our standards and when we focused on high attention media, we took it from underperforming to overperforming.”

Attention thresholds for outcomes

The second beta, in partnership with Adelaide, will allow clients to plan campaigns to specific key performance indicator (KPI) thresholds related to brand lift.

“We were able to aggregate that data, do a meta analysis, and actually start to identify some attention thresholds that were KPI specific,” Brown explains. “As part of that beta, we are happy to announce that we’ll now be offering clients the opportunity to plan to in the brand health area specific KPIs.”

Teads is also exploring how attention optimization can be applied to performance TV advertising.

“When you think about performance, performance campaign management, there’s a lot of lower funnel cost per type goals,” Brown says. “However, we’ve found that when you focus on quality media, again all boats rise and we have higher metrics from performance and we’re looking to connect the dots with CTV there as well.”

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