NEW YORK – Kroger Precision Marketing, the grocery chain’s retail media network, is collaborating with Yahoo Advertising to offer purchase-based audiences directly in the Yahoo Demand-Side Platform (DSP), according to an announcement on Tuesday.

Yahoo DSP advertisers can now activate Kroger’s audiences to reach the right consumers and to measure campaign results without tracking cookies.

“We’re really excited to partner with the Yahoo team to ensure that our data set can be available in their DSP, and advertisers have more opportunities to leverage Kroger’s data,” Jill Smith, vice president of sales at KPM, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial director of Beet.TV. “For anyone who is working more specifically with Yahoo, we’ll enable those ads to be more relevant by leveraging our data.”

With the Yahoo ConnectID audience identifier, advertisers can activate sustainable, future-proofed retail data. Purchase-based audiences from retailers offer ways for brands to see which segments drive incremental growth. On the measurement side, advertisers can use the KPM platform to attribute store sales to media exposures from the Yahoo DSP.

Only mutual customers of the Yahoo DSP and KPM will benefit from the collaboration, according to the announcement.

“Using first-party data is crucial to future-proof against third-party cookie deprecation, and applying Kroger’s retail data will help to ensure addressability for our advertisers,” Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer at Yahoo, said in a statement. “This new offering not only reinforces our privacy-safe approach, but also demonstrates our commitment to interoperability and allows advertisers to activate high-quality data across campaigns through the Yahoo DSP.”