As the media landscape continues to evolve, advertisers are increasingly focusing their spending on streaming and Connected TV (CTV).

However, the shift is not without its challenges, and a comprehensive video strategy must incorporate linear TV, streaming, and online video, says Steve Bagdasarian, Chief Commercial Officer at Comscore, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein.

“The opportunities with streaming and CTV are clear, it’s the future. It’s what consumers are leaning towards,” Bagdasarian says. “But it’s not a one size fits all story for a video strategy, which incorporates then linear streaming and OLV.”

Bagdasarian believes we are at a unique inflection point in terms of how consumers engage with media and where advertisers are investing their dollars.

Bringing Linear Into the Attribution Equation

Comscore recently announced a partnership with Kochava that aims to ensure linear TV gets credit for its role in driving performance outcomes for advertisers.

“Every single channel has its role in the performance outcome that advertisers are expecting in their ROI story,” Bagdasarian explains. “It starts with duplicated reach and frequency, but it ultimately concludes with purchase events. Inherently linear gets lost a little bit in that conversation.”

The Comscore-Kochava relationship brings together large datasets to demonstrate linear’s contribution to metrics like purchases and registrations that marketers are optimizing towards in digitally-oriented channels.

Benefits for Brands and Broadcasters

Bagdasarian says the solution stands to benefit both brand marketers and linear TV providers. For marketers, it helps deliver the attributable ROI-driven outcomes they expect from their media investments.

“On the flip side, it’s a tremendous opportunity for those providers at the national and the local broadcast side of the picture to be able to talk about the role that linear continues to contribute, both from a cost efficiency standpoint, but from a performance standpoint,” Bagdasarian says.

Looking ahead, Bagdasarian is excited by the tremendous changes happening in the market, which he believes are on a scale not seen since the introduction of smartphones or the rise of programmatic advertising a decade ago.

“We are at truly an inflection point about how we think about cross channel media consumption from the eyes of the consumer, and it’s fueling the innovation that we’re seeing across the market, whether it’s buy side or sell side, technology, measurement, innovation or investment strategies on behalf of the clients,” he says.

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