MIAMI — Creation wasn’t supposed to be about fragmentation. But that’s what many media companies and advertisers think they have ended up with, as a plethora of platforms and technology standards competes for attention.

Faced with the impact, brands and their agencies are seeking ways to manage reach and frequency in Connected TV (CTV) as they have historically done with traditional TV. Rose McGovern wants to help build a solution.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, the Head of Programmatic & Digital Ad Sales at DIRECTV, emphasizes the power of simplification and collaboration as the cornerstone for future advancements in a programmatic advertising and live TV environment that sometimes seems like it’s coming apart at the seams.

Simplifying the Programmatic Puzzle

McGovern sheds light on the complexities buyers face in the current environment, where content is scattered across various platforms.

She states, “It’s important for us to make it really easy to buy any content on our platform,” highlighting DIRECTV’s role in streamlining the buying process. By leveraging programmatic avenues like Private Market Place (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed, or biddable marketplaces, McGovern believes that opportunities for advertisers, especially within live sports—a DirecTV stronghold—can be uniquely catered to.

“Being the right ad at the right moment for the right person,” McGovern says, is the essence of resonating with viewers. To achieve this synchronicity, DIRECTV is harnessing audience targeting, supported by programmatic capabilities and interoperable Universal IDs. McGovern elaborates, “We can also support that with content metadata,” which allows buyers to target series or genres programmatically, offering the dual advantage of audience and content-specific targeting.

Coming Together

McGovern praises industry events like POSSIBLE for facilitating partnerships and problem-solving among platforms, stating, “We’re all here as partners to solve these problems.”

The industry is witnessing “productive collaboration among programmers, distributors, ad tech, [and] mar-tech at an all-time high,” McGovern observes.

By enhancing collaboration, she believes the industry can create those “magic moments where we can connect content and advertising and drive outcomes”.

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