SAN JUAN, PR – The television advertising market is gradually become more automated as more buyers and sellers adopt software tools that have been used for years with digital display and online video. Amid the expansion of programmatic technology come more opportunities for real-time bidding on connected television ad placements.

“Biddable connected TV is really just another opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences via publishers,” Andy Hammond, senior director of advanced TV at adtech company OpenX, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

“At the moment, the main two ways of transacting for CTV are definitely via the upfronts with programmatic guaranteed (PG) and then private marketplaces (PMPs),” Hammond said, “and the way that we view biddable is it’s an additional way of trading and buying connected TV programmatically and potentially with addressability as well.”

The biddable marketplace offers greater flexibility for advertisers and more transparency into the marketplace. These attributes are significant as marketers seek greater assurances that their brands appear next to suitable content and context.

“For us at OpenX, being transparent is one of those things that’s almost like a key pillar for us in terms of reporting back on all campaigns, particularly connected TV,” Hammond said. “The transparency piece is really important because it’s hard for us to be asking for higher CPMs if an advertiser or an agency doesn’t necessarily know what they’re buying.”

OpenX in November introduced TV by OpenX to help buyers and sellers transact on CTV campaigns. The advertising inventory is within CTV apps and excludes user-generated content and video games.

“If somebody comes and buys connected TV from us, that’s exactly what they’re going to get,” Hammond said. “It’ll be glass on wall, full transparency, direct to all the different apps.”

Transparency Will Help CTV Ad Marketplace to Grow: OpenX’s Andy Hammond

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