MIAMI — As eyeballs migrate en masse to streaming services, industry leaders are grappling with the challenges and opportunities.

While much consumption has moved to on-demand, where programmatic and targeted ads excel, live TV remains a big draw. So how can live TV benefit from programmatic tricks?

In this video interview with Beet.TV at POSSIBLE 2024, Nick Coté, Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships & Operations, Madhive, gives his view.

The Conundrum of Programmatic in Live Streaming

“Programmatic in CTV is a lot of the technology just repurposed from what had existed in display or online video,” explains Coté.

The current setup, however, is riddled with gaps in signaling which impede advertisers from discerning the nature of the content being consumed.

“Is it a live event? Is it prerecorded video on demand?” For Coté, these questions form the crux of the issue advertisers face in this evolving landscape.

Coté highlights the urgent need for standardization in the industry: “There’s a lot of signal that’s still missing… It doesn’t tell you that this is a live sporting event or that this is a live episode of America’s Got Talent.”

The absence of a universal system to classify content in real-time prompts a call to action within the programmatic community. “There still needs to be standardization and development and collaboration.”

The Surge of Live Content and Verification Challenges

The unpredictability of live content viewership further complicates the programmatic ecosystem.

The potential for a surge in traffic during these events requires robust management from both supply-side platforms (SSPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs). “The consumption patterns of live content… is something that a lot of partners are still trying to manage,” Coté observes.

Ensuring the veracity of traffic also poses a significant challenge. Verification vendors are tasked with discerning the legitimacy of the influx of viewers. “Is this traffic real? Is it fraudulent?” Coté questions the current state of traffic validation, emphasizing the necessity for solutions as streaming continues to capture more attention.

Local Markets and the Accessibility of Live Events

Madhive is an enterprise software company specializing in solutions for digital advertising.

Its proprietary platform utilizes cryptography and blockchain technology to offer decentralized ad-serving and verification services, aiming to combat fraud while enhancing programmatic advertising efficiency.

Coté envisions a future where standardized signals within the bid stream empower buyers of all sizes to leverage high-profile live events to their advantage.

“Whether you’re a car dealership with one location… or you are a quick service restaurant with 150 locations across the country,” the goal remains the same: “additional standardization and signal that’s passed through the bid stream is going to make that inventory that much more activatable within the ecosystem.”

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