One of the foundational acquisitions for Sir Martin Sorrell’s new S4 Capital group is now working alongside a sibling company to light up opportunities in “dynamic creative optimization” for digital ads.

But, in many cases, it has had to help clients build foundational architecture to get there.

In December 2018, Sir Martin Sorrel’s new vehicle S4 Capital merged with MightyHive, a company with both programmatic and creative services, in a $150m deal.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, MightyHive Americas president Emily Del Greco says: “We found that a lot of the fundamental deployment architecture work hasn’t been done correctly (by marketers). So we got ourselves into doing that sort of work. There’s a lot of demand for laying the groundwork for marketers who now have decided want to own this technology to have it set up correctly.

“We’ve seen a huge momentum around redeploying ad servers, setting up enterprise data lakes within new cloud infrastructure.”

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is the new practice through which technology can use data about an audience member and, on the fly, custom-assemble a piece of ad creative that is delivered in to a slot.

If MightyHive has excelled on the infrastructure end, it is benefitting with its DCO services from association with MediaMonks, a creative production house that has also been absorbed in to S4 Capital through M&A.

“Now that we are part of S4, our sister company MediaMonks has really just broadened what’s possible for us,” says Del Greco. “We’re rethinking how we can go to market in a sense where now it’s not just about ‘Do I have the right background or headline?’ But (it’s) knowing all the different audience types that I am liable to advertise to, ‘What message do I need to send them?’, down to ‘What is the picture? Does it include humans? Or does it include only objects? How are they oriented? What colour scheme?

“All of that stuff is possible when you’re working hand-in-hand with a creative production company whose own model is just completely revolutionised, dynamic, creative.”