MIAMI – The National Football League captures most of top-ranked audiences for television, an ongoing indicator of the power of live sports in helping brands to reach consumers. Those audiences can be targeted more precisely with streamed sporting events.

“What we’re finding is that marketers are very, very interested in sports because they know that people are aggregating around these big events,” Dina Roman, senior vice president of global advertising sales at sports-first live TV streaming platform Fubo, said in this interview at the Possible event.

“If marketers really want to find specific audiences that are aggregating around environments that create community and a lot of excitement and engagement, we can help them with that,” Roman said. “If you’re Peloton, and you want to reach women 25 to 54 who are left-handed golfers that live in Miami and watch cooking shows, we can help you with that, because it’s a streaming service that’s 100% addressable.”

Fubo’s direct insertion order and programmatic-guaranteed business is growing to meet demand from media buyers to manage campaigns through automated digital marketplaces.

“Programmatic has enabled a lot of person-level targeting. It’s actually one of the advantages of being a streamer,” Roman said. “It is a medium that’s tracking viewer preferences and also viewer pathing. As people are moving through different devices, all that information can be collected in privacy-centric ways and used to inform creative.”

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