CANNES — The changing face of television advertising is a hot topic among digital innovators, as discussions intensify around experimental technology and consumer-first design.

With massive streaming migrations and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) within the sector, executives descended on Cannes Lions to debate the latest.

Beet.TV was fortunate to host some of those discussions during The Transformation of Television: Connected, Addressable & Outcome-Based, presented by Go Addressable & Teads at Cannes Lions 2023.

Here, we summarise some of the discussion highlights…

1. Entering the Streaming-First Era

Adam Bergman, Group VP, Advertising & Data Sales at VIZIO, believes the focus on ‘streaming first’ approach and brand-safe environments are the highlights of this year.

“The marketplace has made clear that streaming has a massive seat at the table. As a device owner, we’ve built this narrative with our brand partners direct to device, and when we sit down with agencies, we sit down with brands and advertisers, they are taking a streaming first mentality into this upfront cycle.”

‘The New Channel Surfing’: VIZIO’s Vision to Enhance User Experience and Reshape Advertising

2. The Strength in Diversity and Scale

Danielle Brown, SVP, Data Enablement & Category Strategy at Disney Advertising, emphasizes the importance of diversity in content, platforms and audiences to effectively drive scale and reach.

“Scale is definitely important to advertise. … ESPN has a very different audience from Hulu. Hulu has different audiences from Disney+. We also have Hot Star overseas. And then of course we have ESPN plus. So the composition of our content and the composition of our audiences really helps advertisers drive scale at incrementality…”

Every Streaming Platform Reveals Consumer Insights: Disney’s Danielle Brown

3. The Emergence of AI in Advertising Discussions

Jeremy Arditi, Global Co-CEO at Teads, discusses the pivotal role and impact of AI on the industry, affecting creative processes, content consumption and automation.

“AI (is) a theme that is coming up in pretty much every conversation and the potential impact that it can have on our broader industry affecting everything from creative to how content is being consumed, the platforms it’s being consumed on, the types of publishers that it’s being consumed on, and how it can provide an additional level of automation in the technology or the different technologies in the industry.”

AI, Attention Are Among Key Cannes Themes: Teads’ Jeremy Arditi

4. Democratizing TV Advertising with Creative AI

Mark Douglas, President & CEO at MNTN, discusses using AI to democratize TV advertising and lower the cost of creative content.

Douglas shared how MNTN is focused on reimagining the advertising landscape with the use of AI, saying, “We democratised TV advertising for any size brand. Three quarters of our customers never advertise on TV, so they don’t have TV commercials when we meet them. For that group as well as actually a lot of big advertisers, our goal is to lower the cost of creative.”

Democratizing TV Advertising: MNTN’s Leap into Creative AI Tools

5. Redefining Cable Networks in the Streaming Age

Pooja Midha, EVP & General Manager at Effectv, digs into the transformation of the cable network into a multiscreen TV giant that bridges local, regional, and national reach.

According to Midha, Effectv is moving beyond traditional perceptions of a local cable company and expanding to reach a diverse audience: “We are more and more multi-screen TV. We reach 96 million adults in more than 60 markets… we have the largest addressable footprint in the United States. In addition to that, with effective streaming and through Xumo, we also are able to reach cord cutting broadband only homes…”

Comcast’s Pooja Midha On Ad Innovation at Effectv

6. Leading with Product Innovation

Ilya Pozin, Founder & CEO at Telly, discusses their recent product launch and the overwhelming public response despite zero marketing.

“It blew everyone’s expectations. We’ve done zero marketing whatsoever. We’ve spent $0 on advertising or in any kind of marketing efforts… these are people who are very interested in our product. They love what we’re doing, and they want to own the smartest television in the world, and they want in their home, and they know they’re getting it at the best deal on the planet for free.”

People Who Order Free TVs Are Desirable to Brands: Telly’s Ilya Pozin

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