CANNES — Can UI lead to ROI? Adam Bergman thinks so.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bergman, VIZIO’s Group VP, Advertising & Data Sales, says he wants a fresh approach to the user experience and advertising model.

His vision is centered on transforming the way users search and discover content and encouraging advertisers to think beyond traditional formats.

Reframing the User Experience

“Our number one job is to invest in the best possible experience for our consumers,” says Bergman. From this perspective, VIZIO is focusing on enhancing SmartCast, its owned and operated operating system, to deliver an optimum user experience.

Bergman explains, “The second you turn on that smart television, how do we deliver an experience?”

In the coming months, VIZIO plans to introduce a significant upgrade to its user interface (UI). Bergman emphasizes the significance of design in this process, stating, “We’re investing in a new UI, a new experience to better create this search and discovery experience.”

In Bergman’s view, the ways users engage with content have drastically changed. “People don’t necessarily turn on a service and flip the channels the way they used to. They search and they browse that UI.”

He describes this evolution as “the new channel surfing” – a shift towards data-informed recommendations and personalized content discovery.

Rethinking Advertising

For advertisers, this shift could present a valuable opportunity. Bergman encourages brands to “start thinking beyond the pod,” referring to traditional advertising slots.

He explains that VIZIO offers “15 and 30-second targetable video inventory across our own and operated free streaming service, Watch Free Plus, as well as numerous other apps on the platform”.

Bergman also highlights the potential for brands to integrate into VIZIO’s home screen and into the search and discovery experience. He states, “We’re spending a lot more time with advertisers helping them think about investing and integrating into our home screen, into the search and discovery experience.”

The Branded Content Studio

VIZIO’s recently launched Branded Content Studio is at the forefront of this new ad strategy. Bergman explains that the aim is to “bring brands into the experience, making them the content”.

He cites a successful collaboration around March Madness with BetMGM saying, “we made them the experience.”

Sponsorship integration is another key aspect of VIZIO’s advertising approach. Bergman suggests, “How does Walmart or Target present the back to school hub, right? Be a part of that experience that we’re offering.” Such integrations serve dual purposes: promoting content for customers and helping brands explore beyond traditional advertising formats.

Proving the Value

VIZIO’s innovative approach is yielding demonstrable results. Bergman shares that “a home screen sponsorship will add upwards of 10 points of incrementality to a standard television plan on top of a streaming experience.” He adds, “It also raises all the brand health metrics that you want.”

As Bergman looks to the future, he sees a marketplace that recognizes the growing importance of streaming. “I think the entire marketplace is talking about clean, well lit, brand safe environments for advertisers,” he says.

And with a “streaming first mentality” becoming pervasive among brands and advertisers, he believes VIZIO is well-positioned for an exciting second half of the year and beyond.

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