Transformation Of TV Highlights: Teads, VIZIO, Disney, MNTN, Effectv & Telly Execs On Addressable, Outcome-Driven Ads

CANNES — The changing face of television advertising is a hot topic among digital innovators, as discussions intensify around experimental technology and consumer-first design. With massive streaming migrations and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) within the sector, executives descended on Cannes Lions to debate the latest. Beet.TV was fortunate to host some of those […]


Democratizing TV Advertising: MNTN’s Leap into Creative AI Tools

CANNES — TV advertising is no longer a playground only for the big brands. MNTN, a leading digital media company, says it is seeing smaller brands harness AI tools to enter a market once only available to the giants. “We work with brands that never advertised on TV before. Our goal is to lower the […]