CANNES – The term “smart TV” is widespread in describing televisions that offer a way to connect to the internet, but they generally don’t have the same capabilities as a smartphone, tablet or laptop to run a variety of software. Television manufacturing startup Telly seeks to change that with a set that’s more versatile and best of all, it’s free to consumers.

“They call themselves ‘smart’ they’re not really that smart,” Ilya Pozin, founder and chief executive of Telly, said in this fireside chat with Jonathan Steuer, co-founder and chief executive of Anonymous Media Research. “I’d like to say they’re the dumbest screen in your home.”

Telly, which was launched in May, seeks to give new meaning to the term FAST – free, ad-supported television – with its pioneering two-screen smart TV. The set eliminates the cost to viewers by showing paid advertising. It has a high-definition display for watching movies and shows, a built-in soundbar and a separate screen for interactive features such as video calling.

Pozin, who co-founded FAST platform Pluto TV and sold it to Viacom for $340 million in cash four years ago, seeks to replicate his success in streaming video. In the same way that Pluto TV dispensed with cable and streaming subscription fees, Telly seeks to get rid of the cost to buy a TV screen. Similarly, advertisers pay for a chance to get their brands in front of viewers.

“At Pluto, we’ve proved that we can run a very sustainable model without charging a subscription fee, on just advertising alone,” Pozin said. “It worked well because when you’re paying for cable, you’re paying for a monthly service fee for cable, but you’re also generating hundreds of dollars of advertising every single month in just your eyeballs alone. So, advertising is an amazing revenue stream.”

First Free, Ad-Supported Television Set Readies for Primetime

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