CANNES — The streaming landscape has revolutionized the way consumers engage with content and advertising. As major players continue to expand their streaming services, they are increasingly focused on delivering a seamless user experience and leveraging data to improve advertising effectiveness.

In a recent panel discussion led by Jonathan Steuer, executives from three companies shared insights into their approaches and strategies:

  • Peter Blacker, EVP, Streaming & Data Products, Head of Diversity, Quality & Inclusion, NBCUniversal
  • Melanie Brown, Director, Advanced Products, Tubi
  • Danielle Brown, SVP, Data Enablement & Category Strategy, Disney Advertising

Disney’s Meticulous Approach to Ad Experience

Danielle Brown, SVP of Data Enablement & Category Strategy at Disney Advertising, highlighted Disney’s commitment to providing a superior consumer experience across its streaming platforms.

She emphasized that while Hulu pioneered ad products based on consumer behavior, Disney Plus takes a different approach due to the distinct preferences of its super fans.

“For Hulu, we really pioneered a lot of the ad products that are out there right now. With Disney Plus, we are being meticulous about a light ad load and being very meticulous about the types of ads that people consume,” said Brown. She went on to explain that Disney Plus, home to popular IPs such as Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel, ensures that its ads align with the preferences of super fans who have specific expectations.

NBCUniversal’s Pristine Ad Environment

Peter Blacker, EVP of Streaming & Data Products at NBCUniversal, highlighted the company’s commitment to creating a respectful and additive ad environment across its streaming platforms, housed under the Peacock brand.

“We have really understood that advertising can be quite additive to the experience,” said Blacker.

Blacker emphasized the importance of leveraging data from Comcast’s footprint, theme parks, and other assets to make it easier for marketers to access and utilize NBCUniversal’s full portfolio. He also noted that over 90% of Peacock’s audience has chosen the ad-supported option, indicating a positive reception from viewers.

“We have to make it easy and transparent for marketers to be able to leverage our full footprint of linear, out-of-home, streaming platforms, and FAST channel platforms to make their advertising work for them,” said Blacker.

Tubi’s Focus on User Experience and Data Integration

Melanie Brown, Director of Advanced Products at Tubi, emphasized the company’s focus on the user experience and its ability to control it through their proprietary tech stack.

“Through a bunch of different controls, a user who is selecting a piece of content to view on Tubi is really receiving the right ad inside of the right content,” explained Brown.

Brown also highlighted Tubi’s ability to leverage its first-party data and proprietary ad server to improve the ad experience. Additionally, Tubi’s collaboration with partners like LiveRamp, TransUnion, Habu, and Videoamp allows for better integration and activation of data for advertisers.

Data Availability and Measurement

The panelists also discussed the importance of data availability and measurement in the streaming advertising ecosystem.

They acknowledged the need for improved access to delivery data and the standardization or interoperability of data formats.

“We have really been laser-focused on interoperability, brokering deals with partners like The Trade Desk and Google to bring everything closer together and provide all the necessary information to our advertisers,” said Melanie Brown.

Blacker highlighted NBCUniversal’s focus on simplifying and making data easily understandable for clients. He stressed the importance of utilizing first-party data and leveraging resources to solve measurement challenges collaboratively.

Danielle Brown shared how Disney has been focused on achieving maximum reach with a minimum amount of frequency for advertisers. Through the company’s extensive audience graph and partnership with clean rooms, Disney ensures data-driven relevancy and enhanced audience targeting.

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