CANNES – The media and marketing industries in the past few years have grown more aware of how advertising activities lead to emissions of greenhouse gasses. Beet.TV hosted the Sustainability and Responsible Marketing Summit to bring together professionals from a variety of advertising agencies, ad-tech companies and industry associations.

This highlight reel captures some of the ideas that they shared at the summit, which was sponsored by Adlook and Sharethrough.

Ben Skinazi, chief marketing officer of Sharethrough

“We’ve done many many different things, both in terms of products that aim to reduce carbon emissions and also trying to educate the market: the first Green Media Summit in New York in April 2023, which was a great success to bring people together on that topic.”

Driving Sustainability In Digital Media ‘A Collective Responsibility’: Sharethrough’s CMO Skinazi

Anthony Katsur, chief executive of IAB Tech Lab

“The RTB 2.6 protocol was developed with connected television and digital video in mind, both from an efficiency perspective as well as it has strong sustainability implications. In the new version of the protocol…gives advertisers and media companies greater optionality in terms of how media companies want to package up their television inventory through RTB [real-time bidding]. And it also gives advertisers a lot more flexibility in terms of cherry-picking spots within a pod.”

‘Efficiency And Sustainability’ Are Driving Forces Of RTB 2.6: IAB Tech Lab’s Katsur

John Osborn, director of Ad Net Zero

“We have working groups that are focused on production and media, and they’re up and running. But what’s happening is that ideas, initiatives, starter guides, best practices, references, banks of case studies, they’re all being propped up, for two reasons: educate more and also start to begin to measure, and actually, we can begin to measure starting now.”

Sustainability Is Possible With Ad Industry’s Ingenuity: Ad Net Zero’s John Osborn

Patrick Gut, vice president and head of sales in the United States for Adlook

“Collaboration is key, especially when we’re thinking about sustainability, because it touches every single part of the media-buying process. As a DSP, our perspective is we don’t want anything to do with measurement. It’s not our job to tell you what signal to optimize against. Our objective and what we’re required to do for our brands is to make the signal they want to use actionable.”

GreenPath Launch Aims to Shrink Ad-Tech’s Carbon Footprint: Adlook’s Patrick Gut

Ollie Joyce, global chief transformation officer at Mindshare

“WPP has committed to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 84% by 2025. We’re doing it at a GroupM level because it’s important to have consistency, but we’ve published a paper called ‘Calculating a Cleaner Future’ which is focused on how we reduce emissions within our supply chain by 50% by 2030.”

Cutting Greenhouse Gasses Is Group Effort: Mindshare’s Ollie Joyce

Martin Bryan, global chief sustainability officer at IPG Mediabrands

“We have a sustainability report which holds us accountable for the emissions that we are generating in our business across scope 1, 2 and 3. We are also working actively with our clients to help them in the downstream emission measurement that is required for them to report to their shareholders.”

Sustainability Goals Can Be Achieved with Collaboration: IPG’s Martin Bryan

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