CANNES – Brands have more ways to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions also generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies.

In this fireside chat at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Brian Gleason, chief revenue officer at ad-tech company Criteo, and Megan Ramm, global director and head of consumer packaged goods partnerships at ride-hailing company Uber Technologies, discuss how commerce media is developing with Joanna O’Connell, executive vice president of innovation at consulting firm R3.

Megan Ramm, Uber: Consumers “want to shop where they want to shop. They want to purchase from a TikTok video. They want to shop live. They want to get things in the moment, and they want it to be easy, they want it to be frictionless and they want to not have to wait on what they want to buy and what they want to shop for….we’re gonna see this kind of convergence of retail media with just digital and digital platforms. We’re here for it with Uber and what we’re building.”

Collaborations Help Support Our Ad Growth: Uber’s Megan Ramm

Brian Gleason, Criteo: “Commerce media isn’t new. I remember being a kid and going in the grocery store and seeing the Oreo cookies at the end cap. That was a commerce media experience that influenced me. What’s new about it is digital. Our ambition at Criteo is really about building the ecosystem…It started off for us, for sponsored ads, and we see the bulk of the dollars there. Display is next, offsite is where we go to. We announced Commerce Grid, which is our SSP. All of those things are just listening to the market to say, how do we build this out?”

Commerce Media Pull Brands Closer to Digital Shoppers: Criteo’s Brian Gleason

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