CANNES — If data is still the new oil, the infrastructure had better allow it to flow.

In recent years, limits have been placed on the transfer of consumer data – often for good, privacy-focused reasons.

At Cannes Lions, the Global Leadership Summit on Data & Measurement at Cannes Lions 2023, presented by Comscore, LiveRamp & LoopMe, heard how executives are trying to reconnect the pipework.

Here, we present highlights of their views…

1. The Necessity of Efficient Data Flow and Interoperability

Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer at Comscore, emphasizes the importance of ensuring efficient data flow through systems and interoperability, especially in light of reduced workforces in many businesses.

“The measurement companies need to help solve some of these problems by making the data interoperable. And that’s what we have been focused on… because we do have our data flowing through the major systems that transact, especially at the linear and cross-platform level.”

‘We’ve Arrived’: Comscore’s Hinnant Heralds The Multicurrency Transition

2. Tackling Fraud in the Digital Space

Angela Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales at Proximic by Comscore, discusses the concerns around fraud in the digital space, particularly when traditional television content enters a digital format.

“Any time we start to bring television, CTV, any type of content into a digital format, I believe concerns immediately come up about some of the fraud… Let’s make sure that we’re all tackling that immediately. It’s not something where we need to play catch up.”

Programmatic TV: A New Era of Efficiency and Audience Targeting

3. Tailoring Customer Approach

Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer at LoopMe, emphasizes the importance of understanding clients’ data points at the tip of the funnel and finding avenues for brand growth.

“The world went so far down the funnel to ROAS and was so hyper-focused on that area, the sales information and clients were getting to a point where they figured out all the data points on these people at the tip of the funnel that they started to (ask), ‘Where’s the incrementality coming from? How are we going to find net new customers?'”

Close The Loop To Measure Up: LoopMe’s Coffey Says Brands Are Refocusing On Incremenality

4. Merging Brand Advertising and Performance-based Advertising

Rob Cukierman, GM, Measurement & Product Partnerships at LoopMe, discusses the company’s vision of merging brand advertising with performance-based advertising for more refined targeting.

“(LoopMe) have a vision around bringing brand advertising and simplifying it, but also bringing the same type of rigour that you would have in performance-based advertising. It means taking sophisticated AI and technology and scale but, instead of focusing on a conversion or a click, to use a survey-based methodology to understand mindsets.”

AI Can ‘Supercharge’ Brand Advertising: LoopMe’s Cukierman

5. Transitioning to a Multicurrency World

Tara Gotch, EVP, Commercial at Comscore, explains the company’s shift to a more diversified platform mix while understanding clients’ methodology and data workflow.

“Going into this year’s upfront and really moving from testing to full transaction on a multicurrency world, we’ve spent the last year-plus working to help our clients understand the methodology, understand the data workflow, and then understand and support from a sales perspective, from a full ad sales perspective.”

How Multi-Currency Happens: Comscore’s Gotch On Up-Skilling & Embracing Local Change

6. Future of Clean Rooms

Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp believes that clean rooms as a functional technology are here to stay. It offers a controlled and safe way to share data and should be interoperative and responsive to the ecosystem.

“There’s some really good things about clean rooms – the permissions, the governance, the enabling folks to share data, but in a safe way where people have control over it. Key to that is a connective ecosystem, making sure that your clean room is interoperable at the end of the day.”

Focus On Function: LiveRamp’s Clinger Cautions Against Becoming Wedded to Clean Rooms

7. Evolution of Clean Rooms

Vihan Sharma, EVP, Global Sales, LiveRamp anticipates clean rooms will have a permanent and significant role in future data management, despite a slow adoption rate due to privacy concerns and variable capabilities.

“Even though it started in international markets, the adoption has been slower just because the clients have to understand privacy, they have to understand the challenges because the clean rooms don’t really all come with the same kind of capabilities.”

LiveRamp’s Sharma Sees Clean Rooms At Ecosystem’s Heart, Standards Needed