CANNES – Marketers are continually seeking indicators of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. That goal has become more difficult as consumers seek more control over how their personal data are shared with brands.

In this environment, marketers are seeking more information about how much attention people pay to advertising and about the context in which their advertisements appear.

Chrissie Hanson, chief executive of Omnicom Group’s OMD USA, and Monique Pintarelli, president of North America at Teads, discussed these issues in a fireside chat with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Chrissie Hanson: “What attention understanding does when people commit to it is to go: what does this mean for the broader ecosystem and how do you ensure that you’re crafting better experiences? What is the responsibility that you have to craft more meaningful, more effective, more creative, more inclusive experiences and how do you do that? I would say every platform, every partner should consider how they might go about doing that and it should be an advantage to them. It just is hard work.”

Operationalizing Attention to Drive Better Outcomes: OMD USA’s Chrissie Hanson

Monique Pintarelli: “We like to say that Google knows what you search for, Facebook knows what you like and Teads knows what you read. With that, we believe that we can understand a lot about users and about trends. Contextual signals can be a way to understand certainly what has happened. What we want to build toward is to understand what will happen in a more predictive way to help brands surround themselves with the right type of content that matters from a cultural standpoint for the brand building efforts that they’re trying to make. If we do that effectively, we’ll capture more attention, which can be measured and maybe transacted on at some point.”

Attention Can Drive Omnichannel Results: Teads’ Pintarelli

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