SALISBURY, CT – The very first Beet Retreat Berkshires brought together leaders from the media, advertising and ad-tech industries to a region that offers woodland beauty and a burgeoning cultural scene. Beet.TV capture a range of opinions from executives about current trends in artificial intelligence, privacy-safe identifiers and the ad-tech marketplace.

Marika Roque, chief operating and innovation officer at KERV

“In terms of building infrastructure for a shoppable or e-commerce future, you’ve got to factor in the content side and the retailer side. You’ve got to kind of think about that in the future of our industry, and how that metadata will be leveraged in content ownership rights. We also take in all of the product catalogs for the retailer side and create look-alike models from an identity perspective at the object level.”

Adding Shoppable Moments to TV Content Takes Group Effort: KERV’s Marika Roque

Julie Clark, senior vice president of media and entertainment at TransUnion

“For identity and currency, the currency by its very nature is going to be standardized. It is something that is going to have a ubiquity across all of our industry standards. Identity is not necessarily there yet, but it is becoming part of the core infrastructure that we are leveraging across the lifecycle of how we’re activating media within the ecosystem overall.”

Beet Retreat Preview with TransUnion’s Julie Clark: Consumer Identifiers Underpin Ad Sales

David Buonasera, chief technology officer at Magnite

“I’ve heard a lot of pitches now and it’s like they say AI a thousand times, and that’s the entire pitch. I think what’s funny is that it’s not new. A lot of these technologies actually were coming out like two or three years ago. People have been slowly collecting, building their datasets, and now they’re making it so you can actually build a product on top of it. But I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about what that particular type of AI is good for.”

Solving The Data Explosion & Embracing AI Carefully, With Magnite’s Buonasera

Jay Wolff, chief revenue officer at KERV

“AI is a loaded word, but what KERV is doing is very unique because the creative process has been ancient for years. Antiquated ways of measurement, antiquated ways of building creative manual processes can now be solved by AI.”

Shoppable TV Unites Content and Commerce: KERV’s Jay Wolff

Alan Katz, founder and chief executive of The Mountains

“The inspiration for The Mountains was this area, in particular, this area from the Catskills to the Berkshires, and everything in between is what we covered, and that’s our purview. This has become just an amazing area in the last few years. Andy Plesser has tapped into what is going on, and the same reason that we’re doing it is why Andy tapped into Beet Retreat being here because of the talent that’s here.”

Beet Retreat Berkshires Taps Into Region’s Vibrancy: Mountains Media’s Alan Katz

Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer at Magnite

“We’re definitely in a phase of consolidation in the ad-tech industry, and I think we will continue to be in a consolidative phase for the foreseeable future, certainly among the major hubs of technology, both on the buy side and on the sell side. We see buyers forging much deeper relationships with a smaller set of technology is on the supply side for a variety of reasons, and I would expect that trend to continue.”

Consolidation In Ad-Tech Industry Is Overdue: Magnite’s Buckley

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