SALISBURY, CT — It’s not just the ad buy side that is motivated to start up ad measurement solutions.

These days, ad sellers, too, have reason to offer measurement capabilities.

In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Krista Panoff, SVP of Global Enterprise Development, Innovid, unpacks the evolving dynamics of the sell side industry, shedding light on the value of real-time analytics, cross-platform measurement solutions, and advanced creative technologies.

The Sell Side’s Shift Towards Measurement

Panoff notes a significant shift. “I think originally brands were the ones who really drove the demand for independent kind of always-on metrics. But in recent years we’ve seen the sell side lean in a lot and really now almost like take a leadership position,” she says.

The most forward-thinking clients, according to Panoff, are enabling their IndividXP dashboard directly for their advertisers, thereby fostering real-time conversations about campaign performance and KPIs.

“They see increased spend over a span of time,” Panoff adds, underscoring the tangible benefits of this approach.

Advanced Creative: The Next Step Forward

In the quest for interactive and personal ad experiences, Panoff points out the importance of advanced creative technologies.

“Advertisers are looking for tools that they can enable this personalization and creativity at scale,” she says.

These tools not only enhance user engagement but also extend the time a brand can interact with a viewer.

“We see some of our premium publishers, they’re seeing up to two minutes of additional time with that consumer engaging with that ad. That’s tremendous time,” Panoff concludes, highlighting the sell side’s pivotal role in shaping the future of ad experiences.

The Demand for Real-Time Analytics and Ad Personalization

Innovid’s InnovidXP combines ad serving data and creative personalization, backed by sight of a billion daily TV impressions delivered to 95 million homes.

Innovid is an advertising technology company that specializes in providing video marketing and advertising solutions.

Founded in 2007, Innovid’s platform is designed to help advertisers and brands optimize their video campaigns and reach their target audiences more effectively.

Its features include video ad creation, delivery, targeting, analytics, interactive formats and connected TV support.

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