SALISBURY, Ct. – The growth of ecommerce and the greater complexity of the media landscape have led media agencies to expand their role from activating campaigns on behalf of advertisers to provide more value-added services such as strategic consulting.

“Agencies have a right to play in the consulting field, and even more so in content and commerce,” Mike Bregman, chief activation officer at Havas Media Group, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the Beet Retreat Berkshires.

“Agencies own the data, the relationships,” Bregman said. “We’re the ones that are actually testing out the efficacy of the platforms. We’re getting new data streams and pipes involved. We’re the engineers that are going in and making sure that the media is running effectively.”

Media buyers not only keep an eye on changes in consumer behavior, but also how technological advances change the way advertising is distributed.

“We’re at the forefront of thinking through some of the challenges that exist, identifying the right use cases,” Bregman said, “and really a lot of it is holding the client’s hand and making sure that they understand the sort of long road ahead in terms of making these complex systems come to life.”

Agencies have developed bigger troves of proprietary data that are independent of the first-party data collected by brands, media companies, cellular providers, retailers, credit agencies, search engines and social networks.

“What’s happened in the last three to five years as the proliferation of e-commerce data has become a norm…there’s a universe of data mining that’s happened alongside,” Bregman said. “It’s finding signals and patterns that can help you to better target and better analyze the data you have on hand.”

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