Back to the Mountains! Beet Retreat Berkshires 2024, Set for July 21-23

This July, we introduced our newest Beet Retreat. It was held in  the picturesque southern Berkshires town of Salisbury, Connecticut.  I am proud to say, it was very well received by 80 industry leaders. In addition to the essential conversations and great times, we raised over $18,000 at a charity auction benefiting The Retreat […]


Beet Retreat Berkshires Reveals Key Trends in TV & Digital Video Advertising via Magnite, KERV and TransUnion

SALISBURY, CT – The very first Beet Retreat Berkshires brought together leaders from the media, advertising and ad-tech industries to a region that offers woodland beauty and a burgeoning cultural scene. Beet.TV capture a range of opinions from executives about current trends in artificial intelligence, privacy-safe identifiers and the ad-tech marketplace. Marika Roque, chief operating […]


Ideal Media Plan Includes Ad Addressability: GroupM’s Jessica Brown

SALISBURY, CT – The ideal media plan of the future will include addressability, platforms to buy addressable placements, measurement of outcomes and insights into context and content, Jessica Brown, managing director of digital investment at WPP’s GroupM, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the Beet Retreat Berkshires. “Addressable doesn’t mean that […]


Audio Creates Highest Level Of Attention: Dentsu’s Lewis

SALISBURY, CT – Dentsu International has embarked on a five-year journey to lead the charge in the attention economy. Now that journey is pointing it toward audio. Previously, the company’s research into the economics of attention prompted it to introduce a new, attention-based media currency, the effective attention cost per a thousand (EACPM). Now, in […]


We’re Building Next Generation of Ad-Performance Expertise: GroupM Nexus’s JiYoung Kim

SALISBURY, Ct. – The growing fragmentation of the media marketplace has led advertisers to seek ways to manage the complexities of cross-platform campaigns. Marketers also have sought to better evaluate how their media spending drives business outcomes, especially amid the recent economic uncertainties that come with rapid increases in consumer prices and the cost to […]


Publishers Are Lighting-Up Measurement Solutions: Innovid’s Panoff

SALISBURY, CT — It’s not just the ad buy side that is motivated to start up ad measurement solutions. These days, ad sellers, too, have reason to offer measurement capabilities. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Krista Panoff, SVP of Global Enterprise Development, Innovid, unpacks the evolving dynamics of the sell side industry, […]


Not Everything Is A Clean Room: InfoSum’s Lesser Urges Data Collaboration Nuance

SALISBURY, CT — In the last two years, data clean rooms have risen to prominence as a way for companies to continue connecting customer data sets while minding new privacy rules. But the clean room hype also risks blinding some buyers to the reality that data collaboration is about a lot more than just clean […]


‘Clean Rooms are Driving Data-Driven Advertising’: Matt Kilmartin, CEO, Habu

SALISBURY, CT — In an industry where companies want to go on integrating customer data sets despite new privacy rules, clean room technology is emerging as the new backbone of the business. This is the view of Matt Kilmartin, Co-founder and CEO of Habu, a company with a focus on privacy-safe data solutions. In this […]


TV Is Still TV: MiQ’s Chugthai On Why The Medium Deserves A Unique Message

SALISBURY, CT – The digital media industry is buzzing about advanced TV data. In that mix, many in the supply chain have come to record TV as just another form of video. But Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV at MiQ, urges us to remember that “TV is TV” and needs to be treated […]


Transparency Deficit and Cross-Platform Measurement: Advertising’s Twin Challenges

SALISBURY, CT — The advertising industry is grappling with two significant issues – a lack of transparency in the connected TV (CTV) landscape and the challenge of cross-platform measurement. These insights come from Dave Morgan, Founder & CEO of Simulmedia, who has been vocal about these challenges plaguing the industry. In this video interview with […]


Out Of Home Advertising Is Hotter Than Ever: OAAA’s Anna Bager

SALISBURY, CT — Out of Home (OOH) advertising is experiencing a moment in the sun. Anna Bager, the President & CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), believes that OOH is “hotter than we’ve ever been”. In this video interview with Mike Shields at Beet Retreat Berkshires, Bager says OOH is […]


‘Addressable Relationships’ Combine Commerce & CRM: Digitas’s Amy Lanzi

SALISBURY, CT – Brands may rely on agencies to help them drive sales through commerce channels, but their customer relationship management (CRM) is often in a different silo. Bringing commerce and CRM together is an important step for brands after a consumer buys a product or service. “We’re calling the convergence of these two things […]


TV Ad Strategies Embrace Cross-Platform Viewing: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SALISBURY, CT – With many people stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic, when professional sports were canceled and Hollywood production stalled, viewership of streaming services with big libraries of programming surged. Much of that viewing of connected television (CTV) has persisted, and advertisers are shifting media budgets into ad-supported streaming. “CTV, […]


Media Agencies Are Moving Up the Value Chain with Brands: Havas Media’s Mike Bregman

SALISBURY, Ct. – The growth of ecommerce and the greater complexity of the media landscape have led media agencies to expand their role from activating campaigns on behalf of advertisers to provide more value-added services such as strategic consulting. “Agencies have a right to play in the consulting field, and even more so in content […]


Workplace Diversity Is Key Business Result: OMD USA’s Chrissie Hanson

SALISBURY, Ct. – Diversity and inclusion efforts show signs of stalling after years of progress, according to a recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). It also found differences of opinion about inclusion efforts among different levels of management. “When you see that there are more changes felt and seen by the C-suite […]


Beet Retreat Berkshires Taps Into Region’s Vibrancy: Mountains Media’s Alan Katz

SALISBURY, CT – Beet.TV this year hosted its first event in the Berkshires, recognizing that the highland region in northwestern Connecticut and western Massachusetts has attracted professionals from advertising, media and ad-tech companies who want a scenic getaway. With so many people looking for things to do and see, media executive Alan Katz last year […]


Zenith’s Rolli Wants To Up-End Attention Norms To Popularize Interactive Video

SALISBURY, Ct. — In a world where consumers’ attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish and they are bombarded by up to 50,000 ads in a single day, captivating an audience is “harder than ever”. That is acknowledged by Dan Rolli, EVP, Head of Investment at Publicis Groupe’s Zenith. In this video interview […]


Omnicom’s New Beauty Co-Lab ‘Pioneers’ Fresh Agency Approach For L’Oreal

SALISBURY, Ct. — After it won the US media account for L’Oreal, Omnicom Media Group has set about making good on its pitch to the brand. Omnicom formed Beauty Co-Lab (BCL), a bespoke Omnicom Group unit for L’Oréal USA. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Danielle Sporkin, president of Beauty Co-Lab, explains […]


Adding Shoppable Moments to TV Content Takes Group Effort: KERV’s Marika Roque

SALISBURY, CT – The phrase “buy Rachel’s sweater” to describe how television viewers will one day be able to immediately order products that appear in their favorite shows such as “Friends” is gradually getting closer to reality. Digital advertising platform KERV is working with media companies and retailers to create shoppable television that’s convenient for […]


TransUnion’s Hagerty Offers The Master Key To Multiple Identities

SALISBURY, CT — In the sometimes-convoluted landscape of digital advertising, where different currencies and identifiers proliferate, TransUnion wants to position itself as cog, translating and transacting on all identifiers. “We essentially become the Rosetta Stone that sits in the middle of the ecosystem that can resolve data and move data effectively and efficiently with scale,” […]

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