Marketers can make advertising campaigns more effective with reliable information about how they reached a target audience. Consumer identifiers that don’t reveal personal details about people or invade their privacy are an important resource in these efforts.

Identity “streamlines the way that we transact in the marketing ecosystem,” Julie Clark, senior vice president of media and entertainment at TransUnion, said in this conversation ahead of the Beet Retreat Berkshires 2023. The gathering of high-level media executives will take place in Salisbury, Connecticut, July 16-18.

Without established standards, identity hasn’t become a way to help set the value of ad transactions, or what is known as a currency, but “it’s providing incredibly foundational activation from planning through to measurement,” she said.

Currency “is something that is going to have a ubiquity across all of our industry standards,” Clark said. “Identity is not necessarily there yet, but it is becoming part of the core infrastructure that we are leveraging across the lifecycle of how we’re activating media within the ecosystem overall.”

‘We Want to Support As Many Identifiers As Possible’: TransUnion’s Frans Vermuelen

The Beet Retreat Berkshires will include discussions not only about identity, but also about interoperability among different kinds of media, including traditional linear television and streaming video.

“Interoperability to me is that state of being able to work across multichannel environments,” Clark said. “My hope is that we can have the right conversations to be able to move that promise forward.”

You’re watching a preview video for Beet Retreat Berkshires, happening July 16-18 at the White Hart Inn in Connecticut. For more videos from this event, please visit this page.