Beet Retreat Berkshires Reveals Key Trends in TV & Digital Video Advertising via Magnite, KERV and TransUnion

SALISBURY, CT – The very first Beet Retreat Berkshires brought together leaders from the media, advertising and ad-tech industries to a region that offers woodland beauty and a burgeoning cultural scene. Beet.TV capture a range of opinions from executives about current trends in artificial intelligence, privacy-safe identifiers and the ad-tech marketplace. Marika Roque, chief operating […]


Solving The Data Explosion & Embracing AI Carefully, With Magnite’s Buonasera

SALISBURY, CT — The digital advertising industry is witnessing a data explosion, with more device IDs and user IDs than the global population. However, this burgeoning abundance of data isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, argues David Buonasera, CTO of Magnite. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Buonasera suggests the data devil is […]