SALISBURY, CT – The phrase “buy Rachel’s sweater” to describe how television viewers will one day be able to immediately order products that appear in their favorite shows such as “Friends” is gradually getting closer to reality. Digital advertising platform KERV is working with media companies and retailers to create shoppable television that’s convenient for viewers.

Marika Roque, chief operating and innovation officer at KERV, describes in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields how shoppable TV can remove several steps to connect viewers with retailers and brands of products such as fashion items.

“We just want to solve the problem that everyone has, which is to shop the outfit of an actor, actress that they love,” Roque said.  “Right now, people have to create Instagram accounts or secondary pages, and people have to go put a search into Google. We’re trying to cut that and allow them to shop it right then.”

KERV is working with media companies such as NBC and Disney to analyze television content and identity moments that can be transformed into shoppable experiences when different kinds of products appear on screen.

“Our tech and AI can get so granular with the way that we look at products and then correlate it back to the content,” Roque said. “It’s so necessary to have this infrastructure because it’s a massive amount of content and a massive amount of product data that KERV is weaving together with each of our customers.”

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